Where can I request an absentee ballot?

On August 28, 2020, the Secretary of State's office built a website for people to request absentee ballots directly!

The website reduces the risk that election officials will overlook absentee ballot applications or incorrectly type in voters’ information, problems that surfaced before Georgia’s June 9 primary.” - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Other Ways to Request

To request an absentee ballot, you must fill out a PDF form and either email or mail it to your County Board of Registrar Office.

  1. To download a copy of the absentee ballot form go here.

  2. To figure out where to mail it, go here and find your county email or mailing address.

    • So for example, since I live in Fulton County, I would send an email to elections.voterregistration@fultoncountyga.gov, with my filled out absentee ballot request form as an attachment, or I would mail it to 130 PEACHTREE ST SW SUITE 2186 ATLANTA, GA 30303-3460
  1. To verify that they've recieved it, go to the Georgia Government’s My Voter Page, login on the right hand side and click on Click here for Absentee Ballot status. Keep in mind it does take a few weeks for them to process and update the website.

Source: https://sos.ga.gov/index.php/Elections/absentee_voting_in_georgia